ESG AI Name Cards

Save The Environment.
Use Less Paper Cards.

JOYAJOY ESG Name Cards is a revolutionary step towards sustainable networking. Make a statement about your commitment to ESG, stand out from the crowd with JOYAJOY App’s gamified social features.

AI Name Card+ AI Space

Your ESG AI Name Card comes with a virtual space on JOYAJOY app. Create and share games, gain followers, customize your 2.5D room, and more!


We will try to plant as many real cassavas in JOYAJOY ESG Farmland, Africa as the number of virtual cassavas in your virtual farmland on JOYAJOY app. Plant trees, reduce carbon, and save lives together!

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Increase total O2 released
and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere


Provide future food
for those in need


Educate and provide people with skill sets that produce recurring income and job opportunities

5 Simple Steps to Get Your ESG AI Name Card

Step 1

Register to reserve your name.
JOYAJOY will create an AI Name Card for you.

Step 2

Transfer ownership of the AI Name Card, with its linked Club and games, via email.

Step 3

Click the button in the email.
Download & install app, then create an account.

Step 4

Accept ownership transferral with extra benefits: a Verified Badge on Display Name.

Step 5

Get FREE cassava seedlings and grow them in your ESG farmland.

100% Profit For Charity

We donate 100% of our net profit to charity. Subscribing goes towards supporting a worthy cause.

Some of our charity partners: