Plant trees, reduce carbon, and save lives together on JOYAJOY

In 2023, JOYAJOY ESG farmland will

Plant 5,000 Cassava Plants
Provide 22,500
Support over 5,000 people
For a total of 7,500 days’
worth of food.*

*Estimated figure with yearly yield of 5kg cassava root per year per cassava plant.

The Issue of Hunger in Africa is Severe

60 million individuals are facing starvation now, including 5 million children under the age of five.*

*Reference: UN

JOYAJOY Started Donating Since 2021

JOYAJOY initially attempted to help through donations but soon realized that implementing ESG ideas and providing locals with a sustainable way of living is the real solution.

Establishing JOYAJOY ESG Farmland

JOYAJOY provides funds and resources, as well as organizes experts and farmers who have the knowledge to grow cassava farmland. Every year, 1 cassava plant can yield enough cassava root to feed 1 person for 1-2 days.

How It Works

Nowadays, JOYAJOY’s ESG farmland is in operation, but we need your support to maintain it
and expand our reach.


Being a user of the JOYAJOY app, you can plant and grow virtual cassavas on the in-app virtual ESG farmland.

We Plant Trees

Here in the real-life ESG farmland in Africa, JOYAJOY teams strive to plant as many real cassavas as the number of virtual cassavas in JOYAJOY app.

Combat World Hunger Together

These cassavas not only help reduce carbon dioxide levels and release oxygen into the environment, but they also provide valuable food resources for underprivileged children and their families.

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