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WEA World Cup AI Business English Entry Fee

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JOYAJOY is a Gamified Social Media, spreading joy through AI gamified clubs for learning, training, marketing and ESG cultivation.

Our Vision

To be the global joyful pioneer in social learning and ESG cultivation.

What solutions does JOYAJOY offer?

AI Gamified Training


AI Gamified Learning


AI Gamified Marketing


JOYAJOY Partners

WEA World Cup AI Business English

Sponsored Entry Fee: RMB188

Original Entry Fee: RMB688
(RMB500 sponsorship per person)

WEA World Cup AI Business English

Contest Flow

Acquire International Certificates within One Month

Business English AI Course

Complete 9 months of learning content in just 1 month, and participate in the WEA World Cup AI Business English online contest at the same time.

International Awards

WEA World Cup AI Business English Online Contest

Winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will receive International Certificates. The champion will receive a USD2,000 Apple gift card!

WEA World Cup AI Business English Prizes

*The top 1-10 places will only be displayed in the Seasonal Final.
#The contest takes place monthly, and prizes are distributed during the month of the contest.


USD2,000 Apple Gift Card
USD3,000 WEA Cash Voucher*

2nd Place

USD1,000 Apple Gift Card
USD1,500 WEA Cash Voucher*

3rd Place

USD500 Apple Gift Card
USD1,000 WEA Cash Voucher*

4th - 10th Place

USD250 Amazon Gift Card
USD500 WEA Cash Voucher*

Gold Award

USD100 WEA Cash Voucher#

Silver Award

USD50 WEA Cash Voucher#

Bronze Award

USD25 WEA Cash Voucher#