AI Gamified Training & Transformation (Cloud Solution)

This cloud-based solution is designed to enhance your training ROI and prepare you for success.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhance Training ROI up to 9x
  • Power up your memory up to 9x
  • Use AI-scheduled revision games
  • Create multiple AI games in seconds!
  • Use Cases:
    Team Building
    Sales Training
    Customer Service Training
    Product Training
    ESG Training
    Policy and Compliance Training
    Business Process Training

What's the Challenge with Training?

According to Dr. Hermann Ebbinghaus' research, memory retention will drop by 90% on the 7th day after training (10% left).

This can greatly diminish the impacts of your training programs, wasting time and resources.


With JOYAJOY Memory AI, you can accelerate your learning progress up to 9 times, and retain over 90% (10% x 9) of your learning using a multitude of AI games.

Our solution tackles the issue of memory retention, ensuring that your training programs are both more impactful and resource-efficient.



Use AI-scheduled revision games to strengthen personal memory by up to 9x

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Proprietary Game Types

Feature Highlights

AI Gamification

Play engaging games to earn Points and redeem physical and virtual rewards


Enhance training results up to 9x through AI-scheduled revision games

AI Reports

Provide analytics and recommendations for individual and teams

JOYAJOY Proprietary Game Types

Team Building

  • Enhance employees’ sense of belonging
  • Reduce staff turnover rate
  • Boost productivity

Sales Training

  • Improve sales strategies
  • Enhance negotiation skills
  • Boost overall sales performance

Customer Service Training

  • Improve customer interaction skills
  • Enhance overall customer satisfaction

Product Training

  • Familiarize employees with product features
  • Improve their product knowledge and sales effectiveness

ESG Training

  • Educate employees about environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance practices

Policy & Compliance Training

  • Promote a culture of ethical conduct
  • Test the understanding of company policies and regulatory compliance

Business Process Training

  • Ensure smooth transitions in operations
  • Minimize disruptions to operations

Highlighted Features & Benefits

JOYAJOY Memory AI enhances memory up to 9x

Training results up to 9x

AI-Scheduled Revision Games

Focus on individual weaknesses and improve specifically

Transformation of training to games with AI

Achieve fast and efficient transformation

AI Reports with analytics and recommendations

Understand the learning progress of employees and teams

Redemption Centre for Physical & Virtual Rewards

Get more motivation and incentivize training

Speaking & Listening Games with Text-To-Speech Feature

Simulate and practice in a virtual environment

Training in card games format

Enhance training experience, more interesting and fun

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