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AI-enabled, gamification and club-based marketing solution

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How it works

5 Simple Steps to Market with JOYAJOY

Marketers Will Get

1. Targeted Members

2. Instant Conversions

3. Members Subscription

Various Marketing Method


Advertise to promote the brand


Boost posts and ads to promote limited-time discounts or offers

Loyalty Programs

Increase customer loyalty to the brand by offering member-only benefits

Play, Learn & Stay in AI Clubs

AI Gamification

Play engaging games to earn Points and redeem physical and virtual rewards


Set a Memory Retention Target and enhance learning results up to 9x

AI Reports

Provide analytics and recommendations for individuals and teams

Top Social Networking Apps Features Comparison

Source: AGET

Worry about the Bad Comments?

Every marketer dreads seeing disruptive negative comments. They not only undermine the effectiveness of your ads and marketing promotions, but also affect the perception of your brand, potentially making long-term marketing efforts wasted.

But rest assured, JOYAJOY has your back.

Introducing JOYAJOY User Rules

At JOYAJOY, we believe “JOY Activates JOY”.

We have the JOYAJOY User Rules firmly in place on our platform. These rules ensure that our platform remains a positive, supportive, and respectful space for all users.

When advertising with JOYAJOY, you can be confident that your promotions will thrive in a community that values positivity and deliver a promising ROI.

What can this solution achieve?


Marketing-spend Reduction


Revenue Uplift


Boost in Sales Productivity


Banking & Finance


Real Estate & Related Services



Food & Dining


Hospitality & Airlines

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods


Household Products & Services


Social Media

Types of Advertising Costs


Cost per mille, or cost per 1,000 impressions

The cost you pay for 1,000 views or impressions of an ad.


Cost per Click

The cost you pay for each click on an ad.


Cost per Follow

The cost you pay when someone uses the ad to follow your social media account.


Cost per Action

The cost spent to receive the required actions, typically registration or signup.


Cost per Registered Member

The cost you pay when a user registers to be a member of a club.


Cost per Paid Member

The cost you pay when a user pays to subscribe to a membership of a club.

Digital Marketing ROA

(Rate of Acquisitions)

  • CPM: 0.001%-0.01% ROA
    More visibility can lead to more familiarity and trust in target customers.
  • CPC: 0.05%-3% ROA
    Relevant clicks can guide potential customers towards conversion actions like making a purchase or signing up.
  • CPF: 0.1%-2% ROA
    Building a larger follower base can enhance your brand's social media presence and engagement, fostering customer relationships and loyalty.
  • CPA: 1%-10% ROA
    By optimizing your campaigns for lower CPA, you're ensuring you get more value (actions) for your marketing spend.
  • CPRM: 5%-15% ROA
    This measure is crucial in subscription-based models where registered users represent recurring revenue.
  • CPPM: 100% ROA
    The lower the CPPM, the higher the profitability of each paid member is, as the revenue generated from their subscription exceeds the cost incurred to acquire them.

ROA of Different Marketing Programs


0.001-0.01% ROA

Advertise to promote the brand and establish a unique brand image


0.05-3% ROA

Boost posts and ads to promote limited-time discounts or offers to stimulate demand


0.1-2% ROA

Post engaging content or run promotions to attract and retain followers


5-15% ROA

Offer member-only benefits to entice potential customers to become members

Paid Members

100% ROA

Convert Free Members into Paid Members by offering additional benefits

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